Who is Bunny FuFu?

This goes to show that the Internet is a mysterious, public place, and No One is Safe.


2 thoughts on “Who is Bunny FuFu?

  1. As I learned it at camp (?Girl Scouts?), meant to sung by a crowd of kids:
    [First stanza bouncy sing-song]
    Little Rabbit FooFoo
    Hopping through the meadow
    Scooping up the field mice
    and boppin ’em on the had.

    [Second stanza: declaimed dramatically]
    So along came a good fairy
    And she said,” Little Rabbit FooFoo,
    you’ve been a baaaaad rabbit.
    I’m gonna give you just three more chances,
    and it you don’t mind me,
    I’m gonna turn you into a goooooon!” (drawn out quaver)

    (Etc. FooFoo, being stupid or an asshole, gets turned into a goon)

    And moral of the story:” Hare today, goon tomorrow.”

    Now, aren’t you enriched by this? ;^ )

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