Mr. Happy’s Road Trip #4

As last reported, the sisters moved Everything in Granmomma’s and Poppa’s house to a new storage unit in Texas.  After a few days to recover and a chicken fried steak, it was time for Cece to return to New Mexico.  It did not take any persuasion at all to convince Mr. Happy to return with Bunny Dearest and Cece.  Both Mr. Happy and Bunny Dearest were carefully wrapped for the trip.

airport mummy

Even though they are all back home in New Mexico, Mr. Happy is still in his travel “suit.”  It has proved to be a source of inspiration for Cece, and the process of embellishing his protective gear has only begun.  But more on that will have to wait until Cece figures out how to post a video.  YES!!!  I will be going “live!”


2 thoughts on “Mr. Happy’s Road Trip #4

  1. Jeff always says, “when going live, wearing clean underwear is a must!” LOL!!! 🙂 🙂
    Just one piece of useful advice!

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