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dreaming pugs and old man photo

Finally in Texas

car rip, disappointmenty, disillusionment, bunny dearest funny girl photo

Getting out of Oklahoma City

attic, wishes, storage unit, stuff, disappointment photo

An Empty Attic

car trip, colorado to oklahoma, buffalo god, interstate 40 photo

On the Road to Texas, Via Oklahoma

stuff animal, kitty, bunny dearest, being loved, reunion photo

Bunny Dearest in Monument, version #2

reunion, stuffed animals photo

A Reunion in Monument

chamisa, rubber rabbit brush, allergies, pollen santa fe, road trip photo

On the Way to Aunty Phoebe’s

nature walk, santa fe, trail, doubts about being in nature photo

In Santa Fe

silver city, santa fe road trip, bunny dearest photo

Road Trip #3 Begins