From my Jentel Diary

As suddenly as it snowed, it turned into spring.  Most of us are so very happy to be outside.

jentel 2 web


2 thoughts on “From my Jentel Diary

  1. it was a beautiful day in silver too.

    although i spent most of it inside, i did get lunch and after the workshop time outside.

    a gelato would have made it all better but i’m still trying to keep the sugar to a minimum.

    thank you for the use of your home. it is a blessing to know i have some place familiar and comfortable to retreat.

    may more sunny weather come your way!

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  2. So this was taken in Wyoming, I gather. Back the end of March, while driving Texas Hwy 54 north from Van Horn (i.e., in the middle of nowhere), I encountered a huge, shiny chocolate brown golden eagle having a nosh on carrion in the middle of the crumbling two-lane blacktop. It had no problem with me driving by slowly, but as soon as I got out of the car about 30 yards down the road, it took off, slowly flapping its massive wings and flying low over the brush until it caught a thermal and soared way up. I live for these moments!

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