From the Studio

It is almost time to go, and some are more reluctant than others.



6 thoughts on “From the Studio

  1. hey Cece,

    Are you packing up for good? We never see you anymore. Hope all is going well. going up to ABQ for a week or so to be with dad. It’s getting harder and harder watching the changes. the blog has helped! THX.

    • So good to hear from you….I am leaving my artist residency, here in Wyoming, tomorrow, and it has been great. I have really made progress on how I want the book of Bunny Dearest to look. I am glad to hear that the blog is helpful; it has certainly saved my sanity. Wishing you the very best of visits with your father, Cece

    • Bunny Dearest is thinking that even New Mexico is looking better, but not me. I could stay here for a while, but alas, Lynn is just the one to kick me out. How is your painting coming? Were you able to achieve some of your goals to with medicinal plants? This month has been great as I try to hone in on the look of the book.

    • HI Starr, and thanks for your support. I am leaving Wyoming tomorrow, the month flew by much too quickly. Tuesday I fly to Los Angeles for a week of staying with the grandkids, so that should be a grounding experience, if it doesn’t kill me. I would also enjoy getting together when I finally return to Silver.

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