The Jentel Diary ReInvented…

The original blog posts are sometimes dashed off very quickly in Photoshop. While that is very satisfying at the time, the images when printed are not.  So I continue to pursue The Way my graphic stories and novel will ultimately look.  My recent residency at the Jentel Foundation, in Wyoming, began the experimentation that has so far resulted in the following images that I am willing to show you.  It was fun to make these pages, and more like the real me, assuming that I am real most of the time. 

   jentel diary cover

Bd Bio


jentel2 web jentel3 web jentel4 web jentel5 web jentel6 web jentel7 web jentel8 web jentel9 web jentel10 web jentel11 web jentel12 web jentel13 web jentel14 web jentel15 web jentel16 webinside back cover  webjentel back cover web


One thought on “The Jentel Diary ReInvented…

  1. Yahoo mail keeps plopping your posts in a rarely view social networking folder that I didn’t even ask for. (Gotta to something about that!) Anyway, I appreciate being able to review your experience in this format. Indeed, my Bunny Dearest and Mr. Happy lead me on many a psycho-chase.



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