Bookshelf Bunny

Bunny Dearest is not convinced that becoming a Book is a good idea.  While it may look uncomfortable for the little creature, Cece is really out of her Comfort Zone.  But there is Progress, nonetheless, and most of the time it is fun.

bookshelf bunny web


2 thoughts on “Bookshelf Bunny

  1. Hunh, I never realized that stuffed animals could serve as an alternative to bookends: they are “elastic” and therefore can take up the slack when a tome (like a cookbook) is temporarily removed. BD should not take offense at this but rather be proud of his/her multitasking capabilities–better than mine, in fact!

    Happy 2013 to you, my dear, and best of luck with your new endeavor in the realm of publishing . . . doubt you’ll need the services of a copy editor–which is definitely a positive, LOL.


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