Long Time, No Blog

Here it is, another year, and finally the first post of 2014.  And it is a fun one.  I have been thinking about a “second” home, but that has turned out to be mostly an excuse to travel and see people and places.  It gives me things to think about:  what do I like, who do I like, how’s the weather, is there water, what about fruit trees, is there a Dairy Queen, and do I really care about a college?  What do I think about unmaintained roads, fleas and trash pickup.  Etc,etc,etc.  I have learned that I like a good kitchen, large studio and open floor plan, and finding my tribe is more important than a Dairy Queen or college.

So I went to Joshua Tree, California, a high desert community north of Palm Springs, and situated amid piles of boulders.  And the home of the World Famous Crochet Museum, and lots of interesting artists.  More to follow……

crochet museum web


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