The Kalevala and other Creation Stories as told by Bunny Dearest and Me

Driving across west Texas and eastern New Mexico, it occurred to me to get more organized about my sporadic approach to my latest interest:  creation stories, specifically the Kalevala (Finnish), Australian Aboriginal, Native American, etc., etc., and then my own.  Bunny Dearest will no doubt have somethings to say about all of this at some point.

So without further Ado, I will start the story again, this time in order.

This Story began in a Time before the Beginning.


In that Time before the Beginning, there was only Light, Water and Air and the Great Mystery.  And of these,  Ilmatar, Spirit of Air was the loneliest of them all.  Wandering in the vastness, this Spirit of Air came to rest upon the Primordial Waters.


And as Ilmatar came to rest, the Water did wash over her and trap her.  Now sadder and lonelier, she drifted, until a Great Bird came flying by, also seeking to rest.  Ilmatar lifted herself from the water, and the Great Bird came to build her nest and lay her six precious eggs, plus one more of Iron, upon Ilmatar.

img_0180 So the Great Bird sat upon her nest, until the heat become so great that Ilmatar could not help but move, and alas, the Mystical Eggs fell into the Water and broke, and the Egg of Iron sank into the depths. And it was the dawn of a very new day.


A strange and amazing thing then happened: two fragments rejoined and out spilled Soil, and another two bits shot forth the heavens. And thus the Earth Began to take form.


The  Eggshells continued to make Magic and the Moon and Sun leapt into the newly formed Heavens.img_0191

After this amazing Time, and the Eggshells had formed Terra Firma, Ilmatar continued to wander, still trapped in the turbulent Waters. Only now she had been impregnated by the Primordial Waters. In the summer of the 10th year of her pregnancy, as Water Mother, she lifts her head and begins to create with her own Magic.


With one hand Ilmatar causes the land to rise and with the other, inlets and hills form.  With her foot pointed downward, the depths of the oceans and seas begin.  As water mother, she makes safe places for fish to thrive.  When she is finished, Water Mother is now Mother of the Earth.

Seven hundred years Ilmatar has labored with her unborn Son. In His desperation and frustration, by now a wizened old man, Vainamoinen finally births Himself, and swims away. I know not the Fate nor condition of dear Ilmatar, but fear he weeps for her Earth and son, A spirit of the Air trapped in the Waters.


When Ilmatar created the land and hills, she made it possible for Vainamoinen to leave her watery prison. For eight years he swam the four directions, until he came to an island, finally stepping out of the Waters onto a firm but barren island. And in this way, the Son of Magic came to live in the Earthly realm.


The End of the First Beginning; now Begins the Story of Vainamoinen.


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