What’s Been Happening 2

Four years ago, in an attempt to save at least a modicum of sanity, I began to take up thread and needle and make found object “fabrications.”  (See my post French Knots are Just the Right Touch, http://wp.me/p2i5eI-kz)

And in those four years, between Silver City, NM, where I live, to Texas, where my parents live, and California, where my son and his family live, there has been ample opportunity to sit and stitch.  In airports. In hospitals. In rehab. In motel rooms.

On this past October 10th, the Blue Dome Gallery opened an exhibit of these works.  It was the impetus I needed to finish and mount all of the textiles, and call the exhibition “While I was Waiting….http://bluedomegallery.com/Bricolage.html

This is the first piece I started, and it was for one of my Best Friends, Mitzi the Wonder Kitty. Mitzi was almost twenty when she left me for the Other Side. It was made up as I went, and the degree of decoration was a result of what some might say was “too much time on my hands.” I would say that I simply like decorative arts and there is rarely too much of a good thing. And beads, trim and silk flowers are all good things.

P.S. The frames needed to be nice, as well.

#2MitziWonderKitty web


Finally a Post…..and A LOT has happened

There has been a very long gap in this story. That gap was the decline and passing of my father. After this post, the story of Bunny Dearest and Mr. Happy will be changing and expanding.

My father was a kind and humor filled daddy, and had Alzheimer’s disease.  Somehow, he managed to remember us most of the time.

And so now I remember my Daddy…….

bd book 68 cartoon


One Bunny’s Nightmare is Raven’s Pet……

Human ingenuity and creativity never cease to amaze me, and terrify Bunny Dearest. On the way to the Alien Pet Costume Contest, we saw beautiful bicycle butterflies from the Austin Bicycle Zoo, pedaled by hearty Texans.  http://austinbikezoo.org/blog/

And then we arrived at the Final Destination, and it was also the Final Straw…..

Bunny Dearest ran screaming to the car, “They eat rabbits, don’t they.


Bunny Dearest’s Worst Fears Come True!!!!!

There isn’t going to be enough tin foil in the known Universe to convince Bunny Dearest to ever return to Roswell in July, which is when the UFO Festival is held.  It was traumatic when she saw so many people in the Main Street Gallery, our Blog Headquarters, fashioning protective headgear at the workshop table.  Equally traumatic to see the artwork, but the coup de grace came when Bunny Dearest strangely encountered two civilian Klingons casually walking the streets. 

Want to see more about the Main Street Gallery?  The Roswell Fine Arts League

And about Peggy Krantz and her artwork? Peggy Krantz, artist and really nice person

Day Two: Things are heating up in Roswell in more ways than One….

It is now the second day, and Bunny Dearest is back on the streets after a fitful night…..

The annual UFO Festival, in Roswell, New Mexico, is a mix of fun and serious seekers….great for kids, too: water balloons, butterfly bicycles, rides, games and lots of yummy food.

FLASH!!!!! Bunny Dearest is on the Move……sort of

The real Bunny Dearest can’t really travel anymore, and neither can Mr. Happy, but she can Astral Travel, or bi-locate as some would say.  And she is now in Roswell, New Mexico, and reporting live from the UFO Festival.


This is a First in oh so many ways……

In the Meantime……

Due to other Stuff, Storage Wars was interupted……but most of you knew that by the conspicuous absence of any activity on this site. This is what I have been doing: returning to my roots as a fiber artist. That is the only term I can think of right now to describe my work. I have liked, even loved, to sew for most of my 66 years. I come from a long line of VERY GOOD women who knew how to use threads and cloth. I even made a decent living by being a costumer, and was grateful for my skills.

This first distraction from Storage Wars was this Tree of Life, made for International Yarn Bombing Day, June 7th. It took a village to do this, and we were all very happy with the results. I can report that it survived the first rain of the season.

There are more distractions, but that will be a story for another day….

The Yard Sale Progresses

The pictures tell the whole story…




8AM Bunny Dearest’s Best Yard Sale Ever…..

Day One Begins……

Side Note:  Mr. Happy can’t help it, but his right leg is dragging.  Viewers may recall from earlier posts (Mr. Happy is Missing and First Aid for Mr. Happy) that his back brace did the trick at That Time.  Now it is clear that More Assistance is Necessary.



6 am, The Yard Sale is at Hand

Everybody had set their alarm, so preparations began……