Singing His Magic

Pellerwoinen could not help but hear Vainamoinen’s Powerful Song, and he set about to sow his seeds, planting all manner vegetation. It was only a matter of Time before the land would come alive and yet Another New Day begin.


After the First Begining, there were only the gods and spirits, some would call them Holy People, but I am not so sure of that. Those First Ones tired of working at the tasks of daily living, so some Time After the Beginning, they began to make men and women out of the earthly mud.  These New Ones, the Human Beings, would do take up the toils and do the bidding of the First Ones.  And in this way, Earth became home to to Humanity.


Now there were New People created in the Likeness of the First, Magic People.  And Things have never been exactly the same.




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