Off on a New Path, or maybe it is just a Neglected Trail

With a sprinkle of syncrenicity, and innate tendencies to deviate my focus, I have been introduced to the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic.  Collected in the very early 19th century by a traveling doctor, the poems (or runes) are described in the opening verse as “songs in a collection of boxes” and an unwinding ball of wisdom.  Beautiful image, yes?  My head was filled with images, and the utterly fantastical creation story grabbed my attention.  Attention, I might add, that a good friend reminded me was already committed to my exhibition this next summer, loosely titled “How the West was Almost Lost.”  I really hope that I can manage to take care of both of these ideas.

So without giving away the plot of the Kalevala, I begin to tell one of the stories.

Before the Beginning of Time, there was Water, Air and Light, and of these, Air was the saddest and loneliest of all.  

A very old song tells that the Spirit of the Air wandered for so long that she was weary and finally rested upon the Water. 


The Spirit of the Air became intangled in the turbulence, and sank below the surface, sadder than Ever.  From Somewhere Else, a Great Duck flew over the Water seeking a Place to lay Her Eggs.  Seeing The Spirit of the Air’s knees, the Duck descended and built a nest with 6 perfect egg and a 7th made of iron.  I did not know that a spirit had knees; that must be another story entirely.

  (Typical of my projects, this one reveals that I am not so much of a computer geek as to always get my sizes right.)
And so the Eggs were safely borne until the Great Duck began to brood, and the heat from her body began to burn the Spirit of the Air, causing her to flinch.  The Eggs were tossed into the Water and broken, and it was the Dawn of a Very New Day.

After the Eggs broke and fell into the Water, a strange and amazing thing happened.  From one fragment spilled Soil, and another shot forth the Heavens.  And thus the Earth Began to take form.

So the Eggshells continue to make Magic, and the Moon and Sun leapt into the newly formed Heavens.





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