Is ”better late than Never” really Better?

So it has been a very long time since I have posted……while that might appear to mean nothing has been going on, or possibly too much, my attention has just been elsewhere, as in back in the studio-yes!

And finishing up a couple of pieces that had been languishing on the workbench.  And some patterning for the Cuyamungue Institute near Santa Fe, New Mexico.  That has been particularly fun as it takes me way back in time to my days as a costumer.  Here is one of the prototypes I have been working on…….I won’t say any more about it; you can go to to learn more about the fascinating work of Felicitas Goodman and the continuing work that goes on there.  It has certainly been important in my Life (meaning art, family, daily living, or in ARTSPEAK, “Aesthetic Relationships”). I don’t know exactly what that means, but graduate candidates in the Fine Arts somewhere probably do.

cernunnos protype1


One thought on “Is ”better late than Never” really Better?

  1. Hi Cece,

    Of course Better is never Late and it could always be Worse! (Ha Ha) So, I did check out that web site after you told me about it at lunch. It does look interesting. So glad you are getting so much out of it!!

    How did you like the Artist Talk at the University? I think it would be interesting to hear her in 20 years. I really followed what she has done in the past and got lost after the “pause” when she talked about her plans now. I suspect she’s a bit in the searching phase for what to do next. But, she’s done an amazing amount so far.

    Dennis said you were in LA or Julian, basically not here. Let me know when you return and maybe we could meet for lunch. My schedule will be a bit crazy until about mid Dec. We/I are going to be gone a lot, but maybe something could work for a visit. Just thinking the other day about your lovely tea party 🙂

    Cheers…. Linda >

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