What’s Been Happening 2

Four years ago, in an attempt to save at least a modicum of sanity, I began to take up thread and needle and make found object “fabrications.”  (See my post French Knots are Just the Right Touch, http://wp.me/p2i5eI-kz)

And in those four years, between Silver City, NM, where I live, to Texas, where my parents live, and California, where my son and his family live, there has been ample opportunity to sit and stitch.  In airports. In hospitals. In rehab. In motel rooms.

On this past October 10th, the Blue Dome Gallery opened an exhibit of these works.  It was the impetus I needed to finish and mount all of the textiles, and call the exhibition “While I was Waiting….http://bluedomegallery.com/Bricolage.html

This is the first piece I started, and it was for one of my Best Friends, Mitzi the Wonder Kitty. Mitzi was almost twenty when she left me for the Other Side. It was made up as I went, and the degree of decoration was a result of what some might say was “too much time on my hands.” I would say that I simply like decorative arts and there is rarely too much of a good thing. And beads, trim and silk flowers are all good things.

P.S. The frames needed to be nice, as well.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Been Happening 2

  1. Dear Cece,

    I looked all of your pieces up on the Blue Dome site. They are so beautiful and when I look at them I see you. I am always awed by the way you can illustrate your feelings and share them with the world. My sweet sister, the artist is much admired by me – one of your very biggest fans.

    I also need to comment about your posting of Dad dreaming. That is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen of Dad. I miss him everyday and loved seeing him there with the Pugs.

    Love you, Phoebe

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