French knots are just the Right Touch

While I speculated about the Right Time to Quit previously, it turned out that I was not ready to stop the Embroidery.
I have been visiting my friend Mary Frances and making French knots for two days now, with more to come. Embroidery, popcorn and binge watching Netflix; pure bliss, and she has a swimming pool.  Bunny Dearest would say this is as good as it can be.  She would have said more but the local Dairy Queen closed.


I now have Another Device, an IdeaPad and this is the first attempt; the learning curve so far has been uncomfortable, if not downright painful.


One thought on “French knots are just the Right Touch

  1. Hi Cecilia,

    Your knots are beautiful! I see you have been very busy. Would you like to tear yourself away for a lunch next week? Mon and Wed I have class from 1-4, I could eat early those days or any other day works. Rudolf will still be gone for about another week and a half. Hope all else- besides lovely knots- is going well 🙂

    Cheers… Linda

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