Singing the Praises of Nada Chair and More….

Hallelujah!!!  I have discovered the Nada Chair….  ….and it has proved to be a real back saver.
So I have been able to forge ahead with tedious embrodiery using a single sewing thread and still be able to stand up straight and walk without yelping (not the app) the first four steps.  This latest update on the Bunny Dearest Sentimental Round Tribute shows just how much progress the Nada Chair ad 26 episodes of “Heroes” on Netflix can produce.  So much that I have begun the tinting…..

embrodier round5web

And here is the overall work I am aiming for…..Just about ready to find a background fabric and begin the next round of quilting through the batting.  More blissful tedium, as there are ultimately 77 episodes of “Heroes” to keep me company.

embrodier round6web


4 thoughts on “Singing the Praises of Nada Chair and More….

    • Thank you….Bunny is always up to something…and most recently it was spending a month in Texas with the folks. A very positive visit, so BD is feeling particularly pink.

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