Pleasant Tedium Continues

While I continue to be in Texas, here is an update on the most recent progress of my Bunny Dearest project:  outlining the inside of each satin stitched leaf, using a basic buttonhole stitch.  It continues to be a great way to pass some time.  As this is the last leaf left, I shall now have to decide what tediously lovely decoration will be next.  I am resisting the lure of sequins.  An interesting tidbit:  the variegated blue and metallic gold trim was from my Grandfather Sprowls’ general store, located in Cheyenne, Oklahoma (that is western OK) and the store closed in about 1934.  He was a rancher and apparently a real character.  He died with I was a baby.

green leaf web


2 thoughts on “Pleasant Tedium Continues

  1. Thanks for the telling about the source of the metallic trim–such continuity for something one might consider ephemeral. Neat . . .

  2. such wonderful work, cece.

    i’m headed to louise’s for a workshop on landscapes.

    leave on Friday.

    in the meantime, i’m painting like a mad woman….well, also doing gold work.

    this one is a panel with the surround in gold leaf. burnished/unburnished images of timothy hay.

    the inside will have a watusi cow I saw in Ellensburg where the timothy hay grows.

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