Stitch by Stitch, Inch by Inch

Slowly Cece turned around the  circle…..a simple chain stitch can be so relaxing.  Although it helps to be slightly obsessive, and willing to measure progress by the inch.  It is even more fun now that my sister took me for a mani-pedi. (Manicure, my first ever, and a pedicure, my second ever, so my little toes match my fingers—I feel like such a girl)

red lines 1web


3 thoughts on “Stitch by Stitch, Inch by Inch

  1. Nifty, both the project and the mani-pedi. I had my first-ever mani-pedi combo last summer before a wedding. Had my nails painted a shimmering pale blue (they didn’t have such colors when you and I were kids). However, in my ignorance, I then proceeded to mess it up, much to ire of my Vietnamese manicuritst. Some day I may tell you the story of “The Barbarian Gets a Mani-Pedi.” ;^ )

    Enjoy yours.


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