You would Think not much is Happening in my Life, But it is…..

As the past two and a half years have gone, I am once again in Texas, visiting my aging parents.  BUT, this trip finds no one sick, injured or too demented.  Unless you count the two times I have fallen, and constantly forget stuff.

Textiles have called, and I have answered.  Sewing has been an important part of my life, and now I am enjoying creating assembled and embrodiered drawings.  This is one – Mitzi the Wonder Kitty – one of my best cats ever, who lived to be almost 20 years old.  There is no such thing as too much, including patience.  Some call it Tedium, I call it Fun.  mitzi textile

So while I am traveling, I have taken up a new project…..working title = an Ode to Bunny Dearest.


This began as a found object; a round table cloth that has crochet, satin stitching and cutwork.  Right now I am using a single sewing thread to outline some of the satin stitch, and have also embrodiered some relevant (in my Mind) sentences about dear Bunny Dearest, i.e., “Leporiphobia is an irrational fear of rabbits, except for rabies…” etc., etc.

round1And this is Mikey, to give you a size reference.  Mikey is a young soul, and when not experiencing extreme separation anxiety, a fun little dog.  He is not mine.



8 thoughts on “You would Think not much is Happening in my Life, But it is…..

  1. The work on Mitzi is exceptionally beautiful, I have loved just watching it! I am glad I am following you and discover more of your wonderful projects! 🙂

  2. Hi Cece, I love Mitzi the wonder kitty, it’s you! As you know it’s all about the journey and it seems as if you’re having a lot of fun on this trip. It’s nice to be in that creative space where you can just let it go and let it flow, trust your intuition and keep the intellect to a minimum and knowing that the outcome will be a wonderful and joyous expression of who you are. What fun!

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