Medicare Games Begin

While Medicare has made a huge difference in the expenses that Granmomma and Poppa have had, Aunty Cece is going to have a birthday in less than three months.  And since she is going to be 65, that means Medicare is sending lots of information, and the clock is ticking, in more ways than one.  Apparently if one doesn’t make a decision about Supplemental Insurance before the actual birthdate, there will be penalties to pay, etc.


One thought on “Medicare Games Begin

  1. so great to get this today. i was feeling lonely for something familiar. not that you working through insurance is what i want you to be doing but i was glad you included a picture of yourself. i’m surrounded by people i don’t know and, while there are no problems with it, i feel a little lonely.

    the class is going well. tonight i gave a presentation to the staff and students at the retreat center. i can never tell how these things go but i know my students got something out of it after a day of working on their own icon.

    the smoke from fires has been declared ‘dangerous’. i stay inside mostly. that’s too bad because it is gorgeous up here in the woods.

    i look forward to heading back to ellensburg on sunday eve…get out of so much smoke (they have some there but not as bad) and get with my people….and one dog nicky. i am missing Z and taurus very much.

    off to sleep. big hugs to you, ida and Z

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